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what is elpalm

Smart & Sustainable

Urban Furniture Totally Autonomous


ELPALM is a sustainable and smart urban furniture designed for citizens and tourists to enjoy its services and to enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience. It is similar to a pleasant and fresh oasis in a harsh urban environment.


For a perfect integration in the urban environment, ELPALM is designed with an oriental style. it is inspired from the palm tree which is a symbol of longevity, peace and an emblem of victory.


ELPALM dimensions respect the golden ratio and it’s made using repetitive Arabic pattern modules for a harmonious design and also to reduce the production costs. 
ELPALM is a futuristic visual icon; it symbolizes the sustainability commitment
and promotes innovative culture.


ELPALM is a shaded resting point, it is composed of a comfortable circular bench and a big rooftop to protects its users from rain or harmful sun light. The roof contains high performance Bifacial photovoltaic panels. This last generation of panels produces solar power from both sides. We use the electric power to charge a lithium battery inside ELPALM bench. This stored green electricity is used to power LED lighting panels fitted in the rooftop. It illuminates public landscape for more enjoyable and secure environment. Additionally, the stored electricity is used to recharge smartphones using both wire and Qi wireless fast chargers. ELPALM also provides Free WIFI and several smart sensors.

ELPALM enhances the outdoor conditions for a better lifestyle. It transforms
our landscape into a more equipped and modern one.

ELPALM is a pleasant oasis for everyone

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